T3D printer & Resin

$472 $590

T3D printer + Visible light resin(500ml)


When the T3D Printer is in your home, we want it to be more than just a 3D printer, or a special decoration. The aim of this Design is for your convenience, simplicity, and safety. The machine is made by aluminum alloy, which enables a significant weight reduction, and a no sharp edge body design, making it suitable for all ages. To achieve our aim, we developed a design with three unique features:
1. The platform, fixed by a ball head screw, saves you the trouble of locking the screws and easily attaches the printing platform to the bottom.
2. To meet your needs, we provide two different platforms and resin tanks, so you can decide whether to use your smartphone or tablet.
3. Based on safety considerations, we chose the belt and pulley as the Z-axis, so that there is no risk of hurting children in the operation. 

Light source: all kinds of mobile phone and tablet’s panel light
Printing Size: Phone Panel Size x 80mm (H)
Z-axis resolution: 50um, 100um
File format: STL
Power supply requirements: 100-240V 50/60Hz 60W
Machine size: 260 x 197 x 205 mm
Machine weight: 2.5 kg (TBD)